2014 Eco Wedding Dresses

Fabric ConditionerThe eco friendly wedding is not just a new fad. It is definitely here to stay. And out of all of the custom made eco friendly wedding dresses, patterns of the latest styles and customs are coming out. If you would like something like that, then read this article.

The long, draped Elvira look. This look is typically constructed of cream lace from head to toe, with a traditional normal waistline, cinched, and slightly shaped shoulders and long, close sleeves. It can easily be paired with gothic makeup for a beautiful gothic look, or it can be used in a harvest wedding.

The Bohemian Cotton Hippie look. This look involves a simplistic and gracefully shaped, but otherwise detail-less dress with straight lines of contour and no horizontal seams, even around the waist. These dresses typically have a boat neck or an off the shoulder princess look with a matching headband or scarf.

The short Cocktail Demure look. These dresses are made from cream silk or satin, not shiny but matte finish, are shaped in a bit of a 1960s dress look with an A-line skirt, and are great paired with dark brown high heels and dark brown makeup with gold accents in the hair. This dress goes great with a large cream rose bouquet.

The Long Shirt look. This dress is about as hippie as it gets, and only has a few side details, done American Indian style to add some sense of style to it. It is great for a large, flow-y look and paired with long hair kept down and leather and white headband of sorts. It is beautiful with bridesmaids dresses of pure white long shirt dresses, complementing the taupe wedding dress.

Of course, these are just the latest styles for 2014 eco friendly wedding dresses, and that’s saying a lot. There are many hundreds of choices to look at and decide from, but remember that at no point in this should the groom be allowed to drink the punch. Envirosafe Solutions offers eco friendly liquid products for your festivities cleanup and get-ready. Eco friendly fabric conditioner, hard water laundry liquid, and glass cleaner would all come in handy in these circumstances. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.