Layers of Vegetation: Water Retention Methods

Dishwasher PowderNumerous texts on creating rain gardens list the various aspects of a rain garden which allow rain to soak back into the earth, rather than run off or evaporate. By preserving water in the earth, we are able to preserve entire landscapes and build whole new eco environments.

First, there is the layer of groundcover. This layer separates the soil from everything above it. It also protects the soil from being blown away or washed away. It prevents soil erosion. It also holds roots in place which make immediate use of the first rainfall.

Second, there is the layer of bushes. These shade the ground and provide deeper root systems which make use of the water which is by now soaking mostly into the soil. Bushes also help shape land curvatures over time, and so are very important when maintaining soil and hillsides and so on.

Third, we have the layer of trees. This layer does something quite special. The roots go the deepest into the ground and create cracks in the earth’s crust, very deep, in which water can gradually seep and form water deposit deep beneath the earth. Trees also provide more protection against the wind and rain, not to mention sponsoring many plant and animal eco systems.

Fourth, we have the layer of vines, which can run all over the ground, over the bushes, and up into the trees. Vines have a stabilizing effect upon the earth, and bring an added dimension to the three layers of vegetation which have been planted first.

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