Beliefs of a Very Great Man

Laundry PowderWhen Ghandi began preaching peace, he realized that it was a process which would have to be given to humans in bite-size proportions. People are easily able to swallow things if they have them in small enough bites. However, when it comes to peace and war, people often bite off way more than they can chew. This is something which Ghandi knew and used to his advantage. For example, when he began speaking of taking back their homeland through peace, and not through war, he knew that laying out the whole plan may be overwhelming for people, at first.

It’s not that they wouldn’t receive it, and it’s not that they were too stupid to understand. It’s more along the lines of the solution being too far in the future or too far away from their own reality to really be believable to many people, even if they wanted badly to believe it.

The same principle applies to eco friendly solutions. You have to be willing to introduce it to people in small, bite-size chunks, in order for you to have any hope of them coming out of the darkness and into the light. If you stand and talk about the end of the world or global warming, the problem seems too big and too unfathomable to newcomers for them to really be motivated to do anything about it, unless they do something in a panic because they are frightened, and that’s never a good way of going about accomplishing anything.

When Envirosafe Solutions brought our eco friendly liquid products to the Australian business marketplace, we knew that they would probably be the most useful and useable at mines, transportation industries, hospitals, and industrial factories. However, a green company attempting to force its way into these hardcore industries was not a good idea. So we took our products, like our rust converter, marine glass cleaner, multi-purpose lubricant, and ice break, and we made a situation where people felt included in the eco world by using our products for little, everyday office and jobsite problems. Then, our name began to grow, and we have since taken off. Ghandi was right. Anything can be taken in if received in small enough proportions: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.