Solar Powered Electronics

Rust ConverterSolar powered outlets which can be stuck to windows and solar powered charging stations for your phones, tablets, etc. all make the idea of solar powered electronics that much more tangible. For us, this may seem like something which has already happened, but for those of us who are older, we remember the solar powered calculators which have numbers which fade when not exposed to direct sunlight for long enough. To us, solar powered electronics may sound like a dubious proposal.

However, we should all keep in mind that technology is making leaps and bounds in the sustainable energy arena, and that we are all in a good position to have almost all if not all of our electronics attached to sustainable energy, even plant based energy. There is so much to take advantage of and love and destroy and take care of that we can pretty much expect to have solar based options on all of our electronics in the future. This is especially helpful because it denotes a period of time when we will all be able to leverage technology and merge it with the natural world, something which none of us really thought was possible twenty years ago. Technology and the natural world were just too different, then.

Now, we have options. We have sustainable, renewable, alternative options. And we would not have had these if we had not seen to it that technology kept developing and developing, at all cost, until it is where it is today, with beauty and function intermingled.

Solar powered electronics are what we have all been waiting for, particularly with the uses of our modern cell phones and tablet experiences.

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