Remembering the Old Burial Methods

Laundry PowderDid you know that some ancient burial methods were more eco friendly than others? Did you know that burning a body is actually more harmful to the environment and that burying, especially in a non-modern casket or other breakable material, is far more eco friendly?

Why is this so?

Well, for one thing, dead bodies have very little oxygen in them. They do, however, have plenty of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and many other types of chemicals in them which plants use and can convert to oxygen. Burying the dead traps those harmful chemicals below ground, and plants convert them into oxygen which we can breathe!

However, when you burn a body, like in some ancient rituals, the corpse releases these toxic chemicals directly back into the air, without being transformed by plants into oxygen at all. This is not only harmful for the environment (for the few tribes in the world who actually still do this), but it does not make it easier on plants to draw the nutrition in from the ground, like burying the bodies does.

In fact, a monk described in William Bryant Logan’s “Dirt: The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth” is meant to be executed by two soldiers who befriend him and do not really want to go through with the process. However, he submits to the orders which were given them, and he only asks that they bury him directly in the soil in his garden, so that he might fertilize the beautiful plants, flowers, and trees which he had carefully tended his whole life. They did, and a young tree which has been planted near the burial site grew large and became a lasting memorial to his love of nature and his understanding of what developed organically in the real world.

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