Quality Equals Sustainability

Quality Equals SustainabilityQuality comes in many forms. Sometimes, it’s the luxurious drape and feel of fabric. Sometimes, it’s the richness of the pure gold watch. Occasionally, it is the taste and texture of fine dining. And then there is the chemical world. Many people do not realize how chemicals can vary in quality because, to them, chemicals are simply corrosive liquids which should be kept out of the reach of children. No more, and no less. However, we at Envirosafe Solutions know that chemicals can vary in quality from cheap ineffective liquid to high quality chemical solutions which really get the job done and don’t leave behind a toxic or unsightly residue. We know that our eco friendly liquid products must be high quality or they simply won’t sell. People don’t buy chemicals which they dread using or which make them nauseous or which corrode their hands. Such a thing would hardly be worth selling!

Fortunately, we carry many products which do not carry such offensive attributes. Our marine glass cleaner is pure and silky. Our antibacterial hand wash is both gentle and effective. Our laundry powder keeps your clothes soft, clean and green, figuratively. We have no reason to cheap out on our chemical materials or over price our solutions. If you don’t find our Extreme Green line of products useful and if you don’t like our environmentally friendly liquids, then we are not doing our jobs! In order to even be effective, we must deliver quality results.

It’s as simple as that.

Sustainability is found in high quality products which last for a long time. A nice suit lasts longer than a cheap one, and wears better, too. A nice garden survives more thunderstorms intact than a carelessly tended one. The proof is in the result. If you buy higher quality chemicals, you get high quality results, less of the chemicals are needed each time, the earth is protected, the solutions store better, and you receive “more bang for your buck,” as the Americans say. That is nothing to take lightly. Sustainability grows from and thrives in an environment where you are thinking long term. If you push your planning out of the next month and into the next two years, you will see how much you need Envirosafe Solutions and how little you need cheaper, less effective products: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.