Overwatering and Overcrowding

Preparing for Winter FrostGardening experts say that the two greatest fallacies in beginning and keeping your own garden is overwatering and overcrowding. Let’s explore these two topics individually.

If a plant does not seem to be growing very fast, it may seem like it needs to be watered. Unfortunately, too much watering can result in the plant wilting and withering. You see, the roots need both water and air. Without both, the roots cannot survive. It is good for the plant to have water, but if you choke out the roots from having air…if you drown them, so to speak…then they will not be able to recover and will die.

Overwatering is one of the most common mistakes a new gardener can make. Many times the plant actually has enough water. You simply have to dig a little deeper in the earth to feel the moistness. If the dirt is dry six to eight inches deep, then you may need to do a small amount of watering, but not very much! However, on large garden of freshly planted seeds, you can easily use our eco friendly dust suppressor, Soil Wetta, to keep things from blowing away before the seedlings take root.

The second most common mistake in gardening is overcrowding. It can be very exciting to begin gardening and planning out all of the plants you will grow, but the truth is that a few plants, even just one or two, will be enough to produce lots of fruit or vegetables. It is very important to begin right by planting many seeds, but to then thin them out as they begin to grow tall enough to crowd each other. Remember, plants will not grow past their room to grow. Just as potted plants don’t get very big, overcrowded plants will be stifled and may even die when put too close together. Whatever the case, they will certainly not get any bigger.

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