New Forms of Green Washing

New Forms of Green WashingThe latest forms of green washing are out and about. Now, instead of really cheap quality products being mass distributed to everyone, we have companies which are essentially bringing in high initial revenue and then skipping out of town before they have to payback very much of their responsibilities to their shareholders, their local environment, or their customers.

In essence green washing has become a bit more sophisticated and the deception travels a little deeper, but it is still the same old song and dance. The game begins in duping the customer into believing that they are purchasing from a reputable company. The business may even begin neighborhood or local campaigns to help with local problems involving eco friendly practices, but the end result is that the company tears itself down, leaving many people holding the flyers and posters for the promised campaign runs. It is sad and it is deceptive. In fact, some of these businesses may even try to lay low for a while and then reconstruct themselves in a new area, under a new name, and play the new community their song and dance again.

This is definitely crafty business, and it can really lead to charges of fraud or other illicit criminal charges. Whatever the case, the latest trend of green washing has taken on a more developed front, and requires a bit more research to debunk the myths or lies.

As far as Envirosafe Solutions goes, we ask you to look at our record. Our client list, our client satisfaction, our products themselves, and our time in business have really added up to better than average quality of eco friendly goals. Our business focuses on the goal of having a simply sustained, luxury lifestyle or business operations maintenance, without having to worry about chemical waste disposal, harming flora and fauna, and leaving a larger than average carbon footprint.

It is simple and easy to remember.

We distribute eco friendly industrial liquid, from rust converter to fabric conditioner and from toilet bowl cleaner to mineral deposit remover, and we even offer a thirty day money back guarantee, no questions asked, in case you don’t believe in our chemical solutions as much as we do. To find out more, call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.