Mines and Archeological Digs

Mines sometimes have a bad reputation. However, this is mainly because they are the epitome of industrial progress, which is something that some eco friendly support Mines and Archeological Digsgroups wish to temper. The truth is, though, mining is a necessary process and has been so for many years. Industrial or not, mining takes minerals and metals from the ground, and other materials that we really need or desire.

In fact, mining has a good reputation in some sustainability circles.

In historical and archeological digs, mining is one of the best ways to clear and open up land so that scientists can get to the data underneath the surface. In fact, the Smithsonian Institute created a video on the founding of Titanoboa, the giant snake discovered in Colombia, which was only discovered after a mining expedition had dug quite a sizable canyon out of the area. Many fossils were found, of giant crocodiles, other giant snakes, and even of leaves and vegetation which are related to plants native to the area today.

After uncovering the skeleton of the giant monster snake, scientists worked as long as their contract held out and then the mining company resumed operations. However, the scientists are eager for the mining to be continued, because they want to know what else could be uncovered by further earth removal.

Mining and archeology are, in a sense, connected by accidents. There are many ways in which industry and eco friendly sustainability can work hand in hand. After all, preserving our history is part of this sustainability. Observing and documenting our evolution and change over time gives us answers to what things may be like if global warming continues or sustainable fuel sources.

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