Making Your Campsite Biodegradable

Making Your Campsite BiodegradableLet’s say that you’re off on a nice, family holiday. Well, that’s kind of boring, so let’s change it to a romantic getaway into the wilds. Yes, that’s better. Now, let’s say that you and your frisky lover have set up camp in a nice, quiet, hidden area. It’s easy to see that the place is secluded and that animals are not very afraid of humans disturbing them, so a few furry creatures have cautiously crept forward to inspect the new visitors.

The grass is soft, the trees rustle in the wind, and your four-footed jungle companions are minding their own business now. It almost seems a shame to disturb the quiet and serene landscape with a camp fire and lots of camping equipment, complete with a tent. However, you and your sweetheart set up camp and soon have a nice, roaring fire crackling in the woods.

The truth is, it is easy to “camp out” It is far more difficult to remember to “uncamp” when you are done. Making your campsite biodegradable is easy, once you remember to do it. Pick up all of your non-biodegradable trash, allow organic vegetation to rot into the forest floor, relieve your bathroom needs in bushes at least fifty feet away from the campsite, and follow all park restrictions so that you don’t attract any unwanted animals.

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