Luxury Lifestyles versus Most Eco Friendly Lifestyles

The truth is, as much as we all claim to want to be eco friendly, many of us are not quite as planet conscious as we’d like to think Eco Friendlywe Rust Removerare. Unless you live in 100% recyclable t-shirts and eat all of your food from the local farmer’s market, and actually compost most of your trash, you are more than likely forsaking some eco friendly benefits for the benefits of living a bit more luxuriously.

However, there are some misconceptions about living an eco friendly lifestyle and working within luxury perimeters. There must be some amount of frugality, but not in a way that is too demanding on you. You must be able to live your normal life and ENHANCE it with eco friendly living, not drain from it.

This is where sustainability comes in. In addition to using environmental cleaning products, like those found at Envirosafe Solutions, you can create an entire eco system in your home and actually use the elements from each part of the cycle to sustain the rest. For example, when you cook something and put the peeling in your compost pile, that compost pile can be used in compost tea to feed mint and other fruit bearing plants or edible plants you are growing. The edible plants are then added to your next batch of cooking.

Another example of creating sustainable cycles is using our eco friendly liquid products, like our sanitiser, dishwasher rinse aid, or our fabric conditioner in order to do your cleaning, either on your worksite or at home, and then to flush them safely, knowing that our products are septic safe and that we are working to create eco friendly industrial liquid to distribute all over Australia. When you are shopping for more cleaning materials, use our products, because we devote ourselves to the sustainable cycles of the modern plumbing system. Our chemical solutions don’t erode septic safety, they sustain it. Try our marine glass cleaner while you are at it, and we will see you on the other side of another sustainable system. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.