Inviting Pests In

Inviting Pests InIf you study nature purely through the scientific method, you will no longer see such things as pests and problems. You will only see how each critter contributes to the life and death, safety and wellbeing, destruction and food of every other critter. It is all natural and normal and to be expected.

Of course, we do not normally encounter situations where we feel good about having pests around. Nobody wants a mouse in the house, nor do they want roaches infesting their garages. This is basic human decency, with a care for cleanliness and hygiene. Of course, if you live out in the woods, things like mice and creepy-crawlies really don’t bother you. They are in their natural habitat, so it is natural to see them in this habitat.

Of course, there are places and times for pests. For example, pigeons can be used to carry messages across battle lines in times of war. Wild dogs may befriend and protect a lonely traveler. And, that bacteria you hate so much, well it could be good for you. You see, even lactobacilli are used to help reinforce the natural stomach flora growing in your tummy. Even spiders are used to get rid of unwanted flies, mosquitoes, and wasps. There are many places for a pest, even in civilised society. Therefore, you must be careful to always use pest control with care and with forethought about their real function in the universe.

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