Holding Water in the Ground

Eco Friendly Liquid ProductsThere are only a few books out there which discuss rain gardens, but you will still find a good deal of solid plans on what to do to bring rain water into your ground and keep it there. You see, when it comes to barren lands, such as grasslands or plains or even desert environments, the rain water runs off of the ground (rather than soaking into it) and leaves the land high and dry. If not that, the rain water sits on top of the ground (again, without soaking into it) and soon evaporates. This is especially true in dry, windy, arid regions.

Holding water in the ground involves forming deep cracks in the earth which can reach over forty feet down, and allowing water to simply build up reserves in these deep breaks in the earth. However, for that to happen, you need tree roots. If you read the current books on building and developing and caring for rain gardens, you will see the various layers of water conservation and understanding which are illustrated and carefully explained in each text.

Does this mean that you can turn a desert environment into a sparkling oasis? Not necessarily. And certainly not right away. What this DOES mean is that you can store rain water if and when it comes down, while still protecting the soil and the built up rain water in between rain showers, no matter how infrequently they may arrive. This makes your land more resilient and your plants better able to weather drought conditions or extreme weather conditions. This process makes arid regions much more hardy than they would be if simply left in these drought conditions.

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