Green Heavy Duty Engines

Green Heavy Duty EnginesHeavy duty utes are used by consumers to haul heavy loads or to pull heavy trailers or campers. These heavy duty engines are designed for massive hauling by regular people and they were specially designed to be fuel efficient for that particular task. Green fuel is now starting to be developed to go into these engines which typically have taken diesel fuel in the past, as opposed to regular petrol.

Speaking of heavy duty, eco friendly power comes in many different forms. When developing heavy duty engines which can run off of green fuel, it is necessary to begin thinking about ways in which other products can be made safe for the planet. That is precisely the reason why Envirosafe Solutions developed our extreme green line of products, environmentally friendly liquids which are cleaning and other chemical solutions. We carry, for instance, a wide variety of chemical solutions, like soil wetta, fuel conditioner, and toilet bowl cleaner.

Heavy duty engines and their alternative fuels are still somewhat a thing of the future. While some green boats and ships have been able to use algae based fuel, the truth is that this works well due to the ocean absorbing the algae so effectively. Without that particular convenience, that particular alternative fuel is not as effective, nor does it contribute significantly less to the environment than carbon based fuels. You see, algae grows in the ocean because it is specifically designed for sea life. When it is used in airplanes and other types of transportation besides sea faring vessels, then it is still better than carbon based fuels, but it cannot be absorbed by the atmosphere or the ground as efficiently as it can be absorbed by the ocean. That is why Envirosafe Solutions is so proud to present a line of chemical solutions, all eco friendly industrial liquid, which can be used in a wide variety of applications. We carry fabric conditioner, laundry powder, and solvent free degreaser, among many other friendly chemical based solutions.

Green heavy duty engines may still not be as commonplace as we would like them to be, but thanks to us, eco friendly chemical solutions really are that commonplace. To order from us, call today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.