Forensic Ecologist

Multi Purpose LubricantWhat would a forensic ecologist do? Really, what would that job actually entail? Of course, a forensic ecologist is not quite the correct term because forensic implies some sort of crime or people related incident, when in fact the job is just about examining ecology on many different levels and then documenting the results in a way that shows clear data patterns and clear places where information is either missing or previous information no longer exists.

In terms of helping our planet, a forensic ecologist can look at the various ways in which mankind has played a part in species creation, evolution, and extinction, and how nature and weather and disasters and various other factors have the same impacts on the environment, and how we might be able to better control and benefit our planet by engaging with it in different ways than the ways we have been.

A forensic ecologist would perhaps be called in when nations deal with disaster areas and try to coordinate disaster relief for the first few years of rehabilitation. It is a matter of understanding of the underlying natural factors which might help get a community back on its feet one hundred percent in six years, rather than sixteen years. A forensic ecologist would be worth several times their weight in gold if they could improve the situation to that extent and with their already highly developed knowledge.

In addition to all of this, by making forensic ecology an actual program of study throughout every university in the world, there would be so many people who would know so much their world that massive, wide scale sustainability on the earth would almost be inevitable. Does anybody have an interest in this field of study or would like to assist in developing it? It would make quite a hobby, that’s for sure.

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