Far Right, Far Left

Dishwasher PowderThe truth is that political views about the earth are not really very different. Right and left views are actually pretty similar…they just have different names with different, supposedly, ideologies attached to the names. Of course, the fact of the matter is that both views are really talking about the same thing, getting the most out of our earth and doing so in a sustainable, renewable way.

Let’s examine what these views have in common.

The far right discusses individual rights and independence concerning what you do with your own belongings and how you dispose of your own trash. Often, the far right concerns itself in practical applications of survivalist methods and self sufficiency.

This is not to say that making things renewable is not important in this case. Actually, the far right view tends to focus on the end result of the renewability cycle, rather than the process or journey itself.

The far left discusses personal responsibility for the whole of the earth, and how we can make a difference if each and every one of us contributes a little bit to the preservation and sustainability of the entire earth.

In the views of the far left, the process and actions taken are emphasized more than the end result. Some right followers find this viewpoint to be more depressing than focusing on the hope found in the end, but left followers often feel much better when a plan is delineated for them to follow.

Both sides want the same thing.

At Envirosafe Solutions, we have combined both viewpoints into something efficient and workable. Our solutions allow you to be both self sufficient and earth conscious. Our environmentally friendly range extends from antibacterial hand wash to rubber remover, and from dishwasher powder to multi-purpose lubricant. We have worked very hard to combine both sides of the chemical solution: the function and the eco friendly design.

If you are interested in contacting Envirosafe Solutions to ask us any questions at all or to order one or more of our products, please feel free to do so. We want to bring eco friendly industrial liquid to companies all over Australia, and your custom is desired: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.