EVSS and the Spirit of Your Business

Envirosafe Solutions produces and distributes eco friendly liquid products. These are environmental cleaning products which perform a wide variety ofEco Friendly tasks, from radiator cleaner to disinfectant, and from fabric conditioner to glue remover.

Now, our industrial strength chemicals are meant to serve a variety of companies. It is not very likely that you will need diesel bug killer, laundry powder, AND dust suppressor all at the same time. It is likely, however, that you will need one or more of what we offer in the daily and regular operations of your business. Do you travel to and from work? Is there any machinery at the jobsite? Do your products require squeak-free, smoothly running equipment?

Do you have windows?

Chances are at least one of the answers to the above questions is Yes. Then, all you need is some glass cleaner or rubber remover or mineral deposit remover in order to get started or to replace your current solutions with some eco friendly ones. You see, all of our products are eco friendly, which makes us one of the most sought after chemical distributors in Australia. That is a really important role to have, if you enjoy following the “green” path, but you don’t wish to actually change your lifestyle or methods of operating your plant or factory.

So, what is it that you DO need?

Whatever your particular objectives in running your company, Envirosafe Solutions brings a healthy, earth safe and clean spirit to your business. Now, that is a really good spirit or energy for any enterprise to have. Employees feel inspired, customers feel welcome, and people actually talk about ways to improve and save our planet more effectively. This is true, even if you are a mining camp or a heavy duty industrial worksite. Using the right products in your cleaning and maintenance solutions can make all the difference.

We should know. It certainly makes a difference in our own business.

We would like to invite you to take advantage of the EVSS competitive edge: Your company, our products, and a greener planet. That’s something worth purchasing: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.