Eating the Whole Buffalo

Eating the Whole BuffaloMany people lament the waste that is the result of heavy industrialization. In the past, communities had coopers and tanners and wheelwrights and bakers, all of which provided proper food and materials for the community. These tradesmen had to be very economical with their resources, because their entire lives depended upon the ability to get and keep more resources.

Today, the lamentation continues over how much wood is wasted when trees are processed. We shake our heads with disgust when natural forests are dug up to put in a mine. Many things are going to waste, we say.

However, there is one area in which we are “eating the whole buffalo” as the Americans say.

Pigs are used immensely well. Boar hair is used to condition bread dough, certain bones and arteries are used for medical implants and devices which the human body will not be likely to reject, the skin is used in footballs (sometimes), the ears are used in dog chews, and there are many other types of uses which pigs have that humans have thought of. Now, that is truly awe inspiring. In fact, one woman wrote an entire book about one single pig and documented the use of every single tiny part of the animal, which industry it went to, and what it was used for in the consumer market.

Not only is that concept fascinating, but it is true. We really do make complete use out of certain animals. Even horses when they die are often put into dog food, which nice because we wouldn’t want to feed our dogs expensive meat.

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