Don’t Over Water!

Don’t Over Water!One of the most common mistakes in gardening is over watering. This is really common, and most people have made this when starting out gardening, and many of them continue this mistake into their gardening careers. Over watering does two things both of which are extremely damaging to new growth of plants.

First, and most important of all, over watering results in plant suffocation. Contrary to popular naïve beliefs, roots need both water and air. When soil is broken up and loosened, it has air in it, and then the added water contributes to the mixture. But when you over water something, the air is pushed out until the roots suffocate from lack of air and die. Many withered plants in your garden can be from a lack of air or over watering. Solution: when reviving plants, do it slowly, so that plants come back little by little, rather than drowning a partially dehydrated plant in water.

Secondly, over watering compacts dirt together. As you know, mud is created when nothing but dirt and water are combined, and this takes the aeration out of soil. Little organisms like worms and ants and bacteria break down and form air pockets in the soil all on their own. However, mud only has dirt and water, and there is no place for organisms to live and thrive. Air is put back into mud over several decades, if allowed to stand unchanged beside soil with plants and growth in it, but over watering can create really adverse long term soil conditions.

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