Cutting Down Indonesia’s Forests

Cutting Down Indonesia’s ForestsA recent report by the Wall Street Journal discussed the fact that the palm oil industry is hoping to refute recent legislation concerning preserving the forests in Indonesia. Currently, major palm oil companies in Indonesia are looking to cut down a swath of forest said to be the size of Texas. The current legislation is protecting the forests, but environmentalist groups are worried that the major palm oil companies will find loopholes in these laws and get around them in some way.

After all, the potential revenue from such business would be quite lucrative.

We once again find ourselves in the resources versus consumer needs debate. On one hand, you can ask yourself why you would want to give up all of the modern conveniences that chemicals such as palm oil and petroleum based products offer. On the other hand, you can ask yourself just how long those resources would last, anyway, if we keep using them up without replenishing them. And the truth is, both questions are well presented and neither one of them has a ready answer.

When it comes to resources and consumer needs, we need a solution which is both eco friendly and just as chemically effective as the products we are used to using.

This is why Envirosafe Solutions began as a company. Our researchers found answers to both problems in products which get the job done, but which also are safe for the earth. It is important to remember that, in many cases, what you take out of the earth must be put back into it. Then, on this occasion, you can see how happy we are to present chemical solutions which fulfill both tasks without putting a drain on our eco system. Simple, elegant, and effective.

So, what is it that we offer? The answer is a whole wide variety of eco solutions, such as radiator cleaner, industrial hand cleaner, and dishwasher rinse aid. Our chemical solutions bring eco friendly sustainability to a more realistic level than the boardroom slideshow. Now, plans for eco friendly solutions can actually take place in your business and in your home. Wherever we are needed, that is where we will bring green solutions to the earth. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.