Crystalware and Windows

One does not wash windows with dish soap, nor does one use glass cleaner in fine crystal. However, the clarity of both must impeccable. It is the food/non-food item Crystalware and Windowswhich makes the difference. Windows are meant to let in the maximum amount of light possible, thus needing cleaned on a semi-regular basis. Their only other function besides this is to seal the outdoors from the indoors. It is this barrier which requires storm or double paneled windows in many cases.

The problem with harsh chemical glass cleaners and marine glass cleaners is that non-eco friendly solutions tend to attract natural, organic matter to the window. Why is this so? No one knows for sure, but a few have speculated that the phenomenon has to do with nature asserting her right over unnatural places and circumstances. In less new age terms, the organic systems of our earth still override the unnatural processes of humanity.

Whatever your thoughts about this topic, it helps when you happen to have an eco friendly glass cleaner available. In our Extreme Green line of products, we carry many basic household and office chemical solutions, but the truth is, all of our products, from dishwasher rinse aid to industrial hand cleaner, are environmentally friendly liquids. Our sanitiser is perfect for your hands and hand tools, but there is something epic about the ability to make light in a space better than it was before. To have an eco friendly glass cleaner for your windows, your skylights, your glass panels, and the crystal light-reflecting lamps and chandeliers in your finer establishments really brings something classy, as well as less permeable to your office or workplace.

And what about the crystal ware? What about the cut glass dishes and goblets and cups? What do you properly use on them? For these, you will need a mild dish detergent, and you will need to wash these right after use, so that nothing get a chance to dry in deep, cut glass cuttings in the piece.

For your windows, sea faring vessels, and glass light fixtures, use our eco friendly glass cleaner or our marine glass cleaner. Check out our website for other eco friendly liquid products, while you are at it: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.