Creating a Sustainable Pond in Your Yard

Solvent Free DegreaserSustainability involves using what resources you have for as much use and sometimes as many uses as you can. Building a pond in your yard may seem like purely an aesthetic vision, but it is more than that. Wetlands attract water because their water capacity is already so filled up. By the same token, desert areas take whatever water happens by and quickly drain it from the ground or topsoil. It is really important to use landscaping and bodies of water around your property to properly attract and retain more water. Since the bodies of water on your land will infuse the ground with water, any future irrigation or rainfall will actually remain longer.

Now, if you live in a fairly dry or sandy area, two things may happen to water which is on your land. The first is that the heat of the day and direct sunshine may evaporate it. The second is that if the dirt on your land is sandy and is not used to receiving water, the water can quickly run off before it soaks very far into the ground.

Either way, ponds on your property would help your land to receive, cultivate and retain further water.

Now, creating a sustainable pond involves research into water plants, succulents, and ways in which you can save the water you have available for home use so that you are not using it all up filling your ponds and keeping them filled. Instead, use less water in your laundry loads by taking advantage of our hard water laundry liquid, our fabric softener, and our laundry powder.

You can use less water in other household tasks, such as dish washing, but using our dishwashing liquid and our dishwasher rinse aid. Toilet bowl cleaner and disinfectant reduce the amount of water you’ll need for other household tasks. The overall effect is quite manageable and will reduce the amount of water you will use for your daily property management, even if you do use bodies of water on your land. To aid in evaporation prevention, be sure to plant trees around your ponds, to cool and shade the water. For all of the above mentioned products, call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.