Coca-Cola and Carbon Free Actions: The Red Company is Turning Green

Dishwasher PowderAlright, folks, we have a mouthful of words for you. Repeat after us. “Hydro.” Very good. Now say, “Fluoro.” That was really well done. Now, go for “Hydrofluorocarbon-free cooler.”

We knew you could do it.

We’re very proud of you.

Coca-Cola, the red-and-white logo company of excellent soft drink quality (depending upon your favorite soft drink) is very active in turning green, and they have just announced the installation of their one-millionth…yes, you guessed it…hydrofluorocarbon-free cooler this year. This is will prevent 5.25 million metric tons of carbon dioxide over ten years.

Now, that’s a powerful policy to have.

No, no, this doesn’t mean that you have to switch to Coca-Cola if you prefer Dr. Pepper (oh wait, they own both soft drinks), but it does mean that you can be proud to provide Coca-Cola vending machines in your place of business and to make sure that everyone knows what this company is doing for the environment. Ecological? Yes. Economical? Yes.

What more could you ask for?

Now that Coca-Cola has taken such dramatic steps to reduce their own company carbon emissions and preserve the world for future drinkers of cola, they have set a huge example to other soft drink makers to follow in their footsteps and to become eco friendly and carbon-reducing themselves. This is not just good for one business, but for an entire industry of businesses. In five years, any company which is not following Coca-Cola’s worthwhile example will stick out like a sore thumb and be very noticeable to the press and the eco friendly community as a whole.

That is a lot of power and influence to wield, and we here at Envirosafe Solutions is glad that Coca-Cola is influencing companies to turn away from the dark side (sound the Star Wars theme) and to turn green, instead.

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