Big News on Found Whale Shark Slaughterhouse: Endangered Species Troubles

Rust RemoverA recent finding has created huge news across the world. The largest whale shark slaughterhouse known has been found and heavily documented and researched in southeast China. The slaughterhouse kills and distributes the body parts and materials of whale sharks, which are an endangered species. This news has rocked the eco friendly world of land and animal preservation and species preservation.

The slaughterhouse is openly a distribution channel for whale sharks and whale shark byproducts. That really makes it easy for companies and manufacturing agencies to buy the whale shark materials from them. This is openly talked about by the managers of the owning company, and many people, while surprised by the news, still are rather neutral on the idea of using materials from endangered species in cosmetics and skincare products. All of this is heavily documented, and the research done on this slaughterhouse has been extensive. The unfortunate thing about distributing news about whale shark manufacturing is the fact that the news itself makes the whole process much easier to use for buying and acquisition and thus the sale itself of byproducts from these endangered species.

Clearly, there is a need to understand just what the ramifications, both short term and long term, may be before addressing this on a national, international, political or ecological scale. Without proper information on the subject matter, further opinions and decision making must be withheld.

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