Carbon Dioxide Feeds Trees

In one of the permanent agriculture primers of today’s world, “Permaculture in a Nutshell,” the author, Patrick Whitefield, describes how easy it Dishwasher Powderis to benefit both your greenhouse environment and your chickens by placing the greenhouse and the chicken coop back to back.

In this handy little book which is a quick, and yet very thorough, read, Whitefield describes how trees, vegetables, and all kinds of green growing things need carbon dioxide that they can turn into oxygen. Well, since chickens breathe out carbon dioxide and the greenhouse would help keep the chicken coop warm, this is a perfect arrangement. This is true for a lot of carbon dioxide situations. By putting these two structures together, you are purifying the air for the chickens, feeding the plants the carbon dioxide they use, and keeping both warmer than they would be otherwise. It’s a win-win situation.

In the world of permanent agriculture, using all available resources for as many functions as possible is the way toward creating a forest environment of interconnected sustainability. By taking advantage of the chicken droppings, which would normally be thrown out, and putting them on the plants for fertilizer, another layer of function is added to the chicken coop. All of these things tie together to form a cohesive whole and a complete unit or ecosystem.

By creating multiple systems within the same eco system, like the cohesive agriculture and farming described in Whitefield’s book, you can build sustainable systems which feed and water and supply themselves, rather than the traditional re-seeding, re-uprooting, and re-planting which must be done every season in traditional farming. Whitefield’s book is small and poignant, it details common perceptions about switching over to more sustainable food consumption, and it compares permanent agriculture with traditional agricultural farming. Speaking of traditional farming, one of the many eco friendly chemical solutions which Envirosafe Solutions provides is our Soil Wetta, a dust suppressor which keeps your soil from eroding or being blown away before you plant your next crop. It’s great to use in permanent agriculture environments, as well, or in just traditional planting, to prevent soil erosion before roots really take hold or before the soil takes seed.

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