Animal Rights, Human Rights, and Eco Friendly Sustainability

Animal rights have been controversial all over the world. Animals are living beings, but they don’t have hardly any sentiency so that makes them Animal Rights, Human Rights, and Eco Friendly Sustainabilitya popular topic of debate when it comes to using our earth well and protecting our resources and the gifts that are given to us on a regular basis. Eco friendly industrial liquid is part of the industrial movement in the right direction, just as eco friendly sustainability tends to be part of the agricultural movement toward green living.

The truth is that we may always argue about animal rights, but most of us are pretty clear about human rights and eco friendly sustainability. You see, we are all a part of the world and we all have equal rights, and therefore our viewpoints are considered very important. Likewise, our ability to live, sustain ourselves, and be independent is also very important. Animals are a controversial subject because, while most of us have pets, people differ on whether animal rights really help the animal that much or if it is just a human whim to make ourselves feel better most of the time.

Now, we enter the age of technology, and human rights are put on a back shelf, because most first world countries are rich, well fed, and able to support ourselves. In fact, our living is so comfortable that we are no longer seeing the world from a “survivalist” point of view. That means that, while third world masses are just trying to get by from day to day, we are in a position of being able to see any ecological problems objectively and in a more rational way.

We are in a position of power.

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