Animal Bones and New Gardens

Dust SuppressorDeath is a natural part of Shakespeare’s plays and every other art form, drama, and performing art. Death, it is fully recognized, is a part of being human. Death is put into comedies, into tragedies, into romances, and into abstract art, which is not necessarily supposed to have definite meaning.

In the past thirty years, death is been treated with kid gloves by first world countries. For some reason, the attunement to higher technology and more precise skill levels seems to have also put us into a state where we try to preserve death, much as we attempt to preserve life. This is not only unrealistic, but it is natural, in an organic sense. The bodies of our animal friends and loved must decay at some point, and this is a natural process.

Fortunately, we can discuss animals without going into too many emotional details, like we would if we were discussing the loss of humans. Animals tend to be wrapped up and put in the ground or put in a box and then into the ground. Well, first you must remember to bury it deep enough. And then, after that, you might as well let it be useful for the environment around it.

Therefore, it might be recommended to bury it at least four feet deep in the garden. This allows the body to contribute to the growth of new garden plants, while also keeping it safe by burying it deep enough to not be dug up by other animals. Both contribution to the environment and temporary preservation of your beloved pet are accomplished.

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