Air Your Compost, Don’t Store It

Air Your Compost, Don’t Store ItWhen you begin composting, it is so natural to associate wet decay with the hidden places of the earth. However, if you think about, even the deepest most hidden places of the world have plenty of air flow to facilitate the decaying process. Unfortunately, many of us go out and buy a compost bin which completely encloses the compost and allows no air at all or very little air. That hurts the process!

It is nice that bins come with the ability to shake the compost and spin it around and do various things to help break it up, but what really breaks up compost is actual decay. That means that, no matter what, you will have to have it out in the open air for long periods of time. Of course, that also means that you can’t use a selection of the compost bins available out there. We recommend something with chicken wire which will hold the contents inside, but will have plenty of air flow around and among your compost.

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