Using All of the Buffalo

Indigenous tribes of every continent, of every country, are used to making every part of their lives productive. The Native American tribes ofUsing All of the Buffalo Canada and the U.S. would hunt buffalo and the tribe would move, in season, with the buffalo herds across the country. The Americans have an expression, “Using every part of the buffalo,” which essentially means making use of every part of an available resource.

First world nations today are good at making waste.

We are all good at throwing out and discarding the extra in our lives, which can include anything from waste paper products to people with whom we no longer wish to associate. We are good at having plenty and tossing what we don’t wish to look at or play with any longer.

Using all of the buffalo meant to use the hide for clothing or teepees, to use the tendons and hide to make thread for weaving or sewing, to use the bladder to carry water, to use the muscle to eat, and to use the fat to cook with. It meant using the horns for water storage or for drinking, and using the fur to keep warm in the winter. They even used the hooves, the teeth, and the skulls. It meant taking one carcass, and getting as much use out of it as possible.

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