The Secret of Survivalist Guides

At some time or another, we have all been exposed to a back-woodsman, The Secret of Survivalist Guidessurvivalist type of guide, complete with homestead help, and sustainable land solutions for those of you who wish to go completely off of “the grid.” The one thing that all survivalist guides have in common is the amount of fear that they induce in those of you who wish to live somewhere in the middle, in between civilization and the edges of humanity. In fact, there is a common theme that runs through these magazines and print publications, and that is this inherent fear that someone somewhere can make you dependent upon them, and not upon yourself.

Let’s get real.

Almost everyone on earth is dependent, in some way or another, upon the services, goods, and assistance of other people, even if these are just friends who give you a lift into town when you have a flat tyre. It is almost impossible to make yourself a hermit completely, and some might consider it almost antisocial to do such a thing. Fortunately, there is a way to meld both worlds together in a cohesive fashion.

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