The Science of Pasturing

The Science of Pasturing

In one of the more famous TED Talks (speeches given on technology and innovation in the world), one of the speakers discussed the science of pasturing and how we can grow grass in the desert by proper pasturing of animals.

Cows and other edible creatures were originally wild in herds. They would eat the grass, but would not overgraze it, since that would use up their food supply. Also, when they defecated, this would fertilize the grass, but they obviously wouldn’t defecate on grass they were about to eat.

For this reason, it has been found that if animals can be pastured properly over a given expanse of land, rivers will flow and grass will grow back where before it had been dried up with exposed dirt.

Today, pasturing can really be well done as long as people have knowledge of it.

That’s the key, isn’t it?

When you have knowledge of something, you can make educated decisions about it. When you don’t, then you are looking at walking around in the dark, like you are blind or something. Who would choose that, when they can simply educate themselves about the different types of information and investments to be made out there?

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