The Royal Baby: Welcome to Our Eco-friendly World

The whole world is agog with the news that the Royal Baby is already two months on itsThe Royal Baby way. The delight on Prince Harry’s face, and the coy smile of the Duchess of Cambridge, evokes a feeling of warmth and optimism. Our best wishes go out to the Royal couple and the Royal child.

But, honestly speaking, our own child is the most royal to us all. We plan and plan, and never tire of planning for the arrival of the new one. The cradle, the toys, the clothes, the baby food . . . the list is endless. However, at the very top of that list is our concern for the good health and long life of our baby. As parents, we do not want our child to be exposed to any toxicity, whether it be the toys or clothes or food or soaps. We are careful to provide the safest alternatives to our baby.

As parents, we want our child to grow up in an ecologically safe and stable world. We know that whenever we use a non-green technology, we are, in fact, endangering our own child. In general, we always prefer the greener, natural, ecologically safe methods and technologies. However, what remained in doubt was the efficacy of the green products. Also, our choices were limited by the products available to us. Whether we like it or not, we have no real say in the mode of production of electricity that powers our house. We can’t pick and choose. Whether it’s nuclear or coal-based or hydro-based, we have no choice.

So too was the case with most of the chemical-based products for domestic and office use. We didn’t have much of a choice. The early green approach was not quite convincing enough. However, thanks to the brave and pioneering work of some companies, we do now have a real choice. We can now opt for the greener, safer products for our home and our work place.

For our homes, we have eco-friendly soaps, cleaners, sanitisers, detergents and conditioners. For our cars and trucks, we have eco-friendly radiator cleaners and coolants, and fuel conditioners. For our work place, we have eco-friendly grease removers and problem removers. For our city walls, we have eco-friendly graffiti removers.

Whenever there is a hazardous spill, the availability of green technology based absorbents and spill kits has made our world a safer place. The list is long, but the point is that now we do have access to economically viable and effective green technology.

So, while we welcome the Royal baby, with our warmest of wishes, we are reminded of the important role of green technology in the lives of our children. At Envirosafe Solutions, we endeavour to provide these effective green technologies at affordable prices. It gives us great pride to do so.