The Art of the Dodge

Anyone who has ever practiced and been good at con artistry will tell you: It is much easier The Art of the Dodgeto avoid a problem than it is to confront one. The art of confidence must be cultivated through indirect paths, and this is how con artists do their best work: through deflection.

When companies decide to deliver low quality eco friendly products, or if they produce decent quality products which are not eco friendly at all, then they are engaging in some form of con artistry. Now, we are not saying that they are being purposefully deceptive, but they are being cheap.

The number one rule of business is that if you cannot handle delivering high quality service and products, then you should not be in business. It is a fact that reputation acts like compound interest at the bank. If you have a high quality reputation, then your business will not suffer and your revenue will remain steady, even recession-proof, through any economic downturns. What a commodity to have! And yet, in the mindset of “beating the system,” many business owners do not take responsibility for their businesses and do not maintain higher standards in their companies.

The art of the dodge is a carefully planned and practiced one. All forms of con artistry are available in order to get done what is planned. But, there is a fakeness to it. There is an unwillingness to be good at what they do. There is an unwillingness to develop, cultivate, and grow a reputation that is worthy of praise.

The art of the dodge is a dangerous art to practice.

Instead, EnviroSafe Solutions banks on our own reputation. We provide high quality environmental products, like our radiator cleaner and our dishwashing liquid and glass cleaner. All of our products are environmentally safe, and even come with specific instructions on level of safety, as well as its level of biodegradability. This is our pride and joy, and we can say that because we strive for transparency. There is no room for deception in our green strategies. Call us today for more information :(+61) 1300 88 90 70.