Big Oil, Big Green

Rust ConverterBig oil is a big deal. So much of the world’s energy is provided by big oil, and so therefore whoever is controlling the oil is controlling a lot of the money in the world, to be perfectly honest. It also means that, even if green solutions are found for the energy crisis, mass production can be difficult and popularity just won’t be the same. It doesn’t matter how much you may like your green eco friendly movements, there is still a preference for the convenience and strength and reliability that big oil provides on a daily basis. The petroleum products we use, the clothing we wear, the processed snack foods, and don’t forget all of the petrol that we go through every day.

Big oil is highly influential, even deep in the heart of the green movement. Yes, alternative fuel is being researched and developed and autos are being built with plenty of alternative fuel options, but the thing is that we like being able to go to the petrol station and know exactly what we are getting. It is familiar to us. And familiarity really does help sell big oil to earth’s citizens. Big oil really does a fine job of making itself known and well understood to so many people that it kind of boggles the mind when you think about it.

What will happen to big oil when Big Green finally makes an appearance? Well, chances are, there will be a blending of available products and fuel sources for us to choose from, like it was when Microsoft finally lost the total computer monopoly to competition from Apple.

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