Rust Converter

If your line of work involves a lot of mechanical equipment, or simply a lot of metal, rust is a threat that you must constantly be on the look out for. If left unattended, corroded metal becomes an expensive and potentially very dangerous problem. Everyone knows this, and there’s a whole host of rust removal products out there to help you keep corrosion under control.

The problem is that most of these products take a short-sighted approach to the issue. Simply removing rust from a metal surface is a quick-fix solution. Looks nice and pretty when it’s done, but more often than not the rust will creep back over time, leaving you right back where you started. If you’ve painted the surface in the meantime, the reappearance of rust is an even bigger frustration.

Rust Converter does not simply remove rust from metal. As the name implies, this product converts rust, into a tough organic matrix that binds with the metal surface and inhibits further corrosion. Rust Converter actually turns rust into an anti-corrosive protector against further rust. In effect, trading an enemy for an ally. Not a bad deal, hey? Once Rust Converter has worked its magic, the surface is safe to paint, and you can sleep easy at night knowing that the rust is gone for good.

This product is equally effective on equipment, vehicles, sheds, storage tanks, pipelines and just about anywhere else that rust is a problem. It’s works especially well on heavily rusted and inaccessible surfaces that are unsuitable for conventional treatments. Anywhere you need to stop the rusting process and paint over it – look no further than Rust Converter.

Rust Converter is highly effective against a wide range of rust problems, and yet this product is entirely safe to use and gentle on the environment. Rust Converter contains no mineral acids, phosphates or solvents. It destroys and converts rust using only biodegradable ingredients that wash away safely and cause no ecological harm.

So next time you’ve got a rust situation to deal with, why bother removing the brown stuff with a harsh and toxic product that will only give you temporary results? Use Rust Converter to get rid of the corrosion once and for all, and reduce the environmental footprint of your business at the same time. For more information on how Envirosafe Solutions can assist you with rust control, please contact us on 1300 88 90 70.