Production and Devolvement

Diesel Bug KillerWhat constitutes being productive? No, really, what is the ultimate result of that elusive word, “productivity”? Well, to answer that question, we must understand how production and devolvement relate with each other, and they are applied in different people’s lives.

An estate manager will have been productive if they appropriately hired and used workers to keep the lawn and grounds of the estate. However, if the same estate manager was not competent enough to keep reliable hired hands available, then he or she would have to devolve down to the level of doing the yard work themselves. That would be one example of the difference between production and devolvement in the same person.

If a man finds it soul sucking to mow his lawn, then he would be productive in hiring someone else to do the lawn mowing for him. However, if a different man was never strong enough to do his own yard work, he might find the same task to be a responsibility which he really desires to possess. If, one day, the second man is finally strong enough to do his own yard work, albeit slowly, then that would be productive in his own eyes.

As you can see, production is completely subjective and to each person, productivity forms a very different picture.

We can all agree that the planet should be made safer, with less waste and pollution. Many of us, though, have no idea how to actually pull this off. In addition to this confusion, if that weren’t enough, each of us has very different ideas of what is productive and what is devolving to the planet. Often, these conflicts are resolved by simply joining a group whose views you support, and you volunteer along with other likeminded volunteers.

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