Natural Gas versus Coal Fuel Production

Eco FriendlyMost people agree that natural gas is a lot safer for the environment and the ozone layer than hard coal fuel production. This is true, and it was true back when coal fuel and natural gas were first being used en masse throughout North America and the first lines in the ocean were being laid to transfer natural gas across the sea. In Australia, both natural gas and coal fuel production are considered far less than eco friendly, but today there is still no dispute that natural gas carries far less of a carbon footprint than raw coal fuel.

Petroleum based products have always carried a certain amount of pollution potential, and very nearly everything else has been unable to rival this. Natural gas being one of the most plentiful and most easily obtainable of the petroleum based products is seen as the better of two evils. It is also not as polluting, thus making it the natural alternative to petroleum based heating and power, and also making it preferable to many other alternative fuels, because it is so cheap.

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