Just Add Trees

Marine Glass CleanerTrees are crucial to many eco systems which may or may not overlap each other and many other eco systems which vary greatly in size. Trees do a LOT for environmental eco systems and sustainability within an urban environment. For example, the roots feed microbial systems beneath the ground, the trunk acts as second story for squirrels, birds, and various other small creatures, the branches spread pollen and gather it up, aided by bees and the wind, and the falling leaves, fruit, and flowers of the tree decay on the ground and help to feed the roots again. It is a complete life cycle in and of itself, with many different eco systems in between and overlapping upon themselves throughout.

Trees, no matter how bad of a condition they are in, really change the landscape of a piece of land. When living in a barren rural environment, the author has found numerous added eco systems once only one tree was planted in the barren landscape. This means that the trees are used to contributing and being contributed to, and that it is simply in their nature to increase the bio diversity around them.

All of this is very well and good, as long as you are able to use chemicals which don’t affect your plant life. However, when your business landscape becomes a bit too affected by the harsh chemicals you regularly use to clean and maintain your company and its equipment, you may wish to look at using eco friendly liquid products from Envirosafe Solutions. It’s a matter of being responsible with the resources you already have. If you have trees, take good care of them. If you or your business will soon acquire trees, set up a system to always make sure your trees are growing at their leafy best.

In the meantime, only use eco friendly liquid products in your business, like the ones you can get from Envirosafe Solutions. We provide diesel bug killer, toilet bowl cleaner, liquid hand soap, and rubber remover, among many others, all of which are eco friendly and safe for the environment. For more information, give us a call today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.