Fixed Income and Financial Composting

Fixed Income and Financial CompostingWhen you are on a fixed income through whatever reason it may be, you must learn how to make ends meet in a steady, dependable way. You must also learn how to compost your finances so that they reap the biggest crop for the smallest amount of effort or investment. This is done by bringing some intuition, some creative innovation, and some thinking outside of the box to the situation.

In fact, financial composting can be thought of as reinvestment. This form of getting the most money for your effort involves understanding how much you will invest in something and how much you can get out of it in the end. Buying a few dressed to sell online for a little more is great, as long as you already have a market in place for your dresses. Without the market, you are looking at an investment which may or may not yield your desired profits in the time allotted.

However, you can still do a lot with what you have, no matter the case. If you have sure reinvestments set up, you can buy a little, sell for a little more, work a little, get paid a little more, and gradually increase your income to the point where you are above starvation or survival modes.

This is true in business, as well.

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