Diesel Bug and how to eradicate it using Extreme Green Diesel Bug Killer

The dreaded “diesel bug” (Cladisporium resinae) should be familiar to anyone who works with diesel engines. Those nasty little fungi that breed inside your fuel tank, multiplying over time and eventually forming a slime that floats around in your fuel and settles at the bottom of storage tanks. The stuff clogs up fuel lines and filters, and produces the highly corrosive hydrogen sulphide, wreaking havoc on the injectors and metal components of the engine. Seems strange that a microscopic fungus can cause so much damage to your vehicle, but that’s the reality of the situation.

Extreme Green Diesel Bug Killer is a revolutionary solution to the diesel bug problem. The fungi get their oxygen from water condensation inside the fuel tank. Extreme Green Diesel Bug Killer simply removes all water from the fuel, suffocating the fungi and breaking their breeding cycle. Once the critters are dead, the bodies dissolve into the treated fuel and pass harmlessly through filters. They are finally burnt off in the combustion process – never to be seen again!

Fungi cannot re-emerge while Extreme Green Diesel Bug Killer is present in the fuel. Use this product once to kill your diesel bugs, and as an ongoing fuel additive to ensure they never come back. The diesel bug isn’t limited to diesel unfortunately, and can plague all types of fuel oils to varying degrees. Extreme Green Diesel Bug Killer is designed to target the diesel bug wherever it pops up, and can be used in gas oil and heating oil, as well as two and four stroke petrol. And it works in all internal combustions engines: cars, trucks, boats, earthmoving equipment – the lot.

You could very well have the diesel bug in your engine/fuel tank without knowing it. If the bug is present, adding Extreme Green Diesel Bug Killer will make a world of difference to your vehicle’s performance. You’ll discover better fuel efficiency, less smoky exhaust emissions and an all-round smoother drive.

Extreme Green Diesel Bug Killer is guaranteed to keep your tank diesel bug-free for as long as you use the product. It’s a super-effective treatment, and yet gentle at the same time. Unlike most other fuel additives, Extreme Green Diesel Bug Killer contains no hydrocarbons, acids or strong alkaline agents and yet it will also clean the injectors and fuel system as it is used. It’s composed entirely of biodegradable ingredients, meaning the only creature it’s going to kill is the diesel bug.

If your vehicle isn’t running at 100%, the diesel bug could be the culprit. Extreme Green Diesel Bug Killer will eliminate the fungi and let you get back to work. For more information on how Envirosafe Solutions can assist you with fuel treatment, please contact us on 1300 77 90 80.