The cleaning products are great!

Perth, WA
May 9, 2017

I have been using the  some of their cleaning products (dishwasher powder/laundry liquid, disinfectant and truckwash) and I have to say they are the bees knees. I was really impressed with the results and would recommend to anyone.

Grafitti Remover is awesome!

Perth, WA
May 8, 2017

I used the graffiti remover for the first time recently and was astounded at how effective it was.I had a limestone wall that I was helping to clean for my son-in-law and he had picked some of this stuff up. Well we applied it, went and had a cup of coffee and hosed it off when we had done and I was amazed at how much lifted right off, however there were traces left because of the nature of limestone the paint had got into some crevices, so we we applied some more, worked it into the crevices with a stiff brush and left it for an hour or so, came back and this time pressure washed it to get right in and I would say 99% of the paint was gone and what was left was hardly noticeable because it had all but removed it so just a faint trace in a few places but nothing you would notice unless looking really hard for it. I think this product is awesome especially as it is pretty much non-toxic!

Thanks for making it easy for me.

Mundaring, Western Australia.
May 8, 2017

I was visiting my daughters house this year and unfortunately she is not the best at cleaning the windows so I did as most mums do – cleaned the windows for her.

I used a locally made product she introduced me to – Extreme Green Glass Cleaner. I have to say that it made the job very easy – an initial and quick wet down with a bit of soapy water on a sponge to loosen years of hard grime, and then spray this on and wipe off – the glass was sparkling and no streaks showing – I was very impressed thinking it would take me all day but the job was done in a couple of hours!

Cleaners – Extreme Green

St. Cleaning Services, Melbourne Victoria, Australia
April 18, 2017

I must say that the Extreme Green Range from EnviroSafe Solutions has great cleaning products.

Eg: All purpose glass cleaner, amazing finish with glass and mirrors.

Extreme Green Disinfectant – great for kitchen use, for fridges and bench tops.

The Heavy Duty Cleaner/Deodoriser I use for everything in my house, from floors to ceiling and all it needs is spray and wipe. No going over it twice!

And most importantly it is Australian Owned and 100% natural.
Your home will smell fresh. (a bit like citrus).

Thank you EnviroSafe

Cleaners – Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner / Degreaser

ENVIRO GREEN CLEAN, Perth, Western Australia
April 18, 2017

Extreme Green Heavy duty alkaline cleaner/degreaser is a fantastic product. We use it for all floor surfaces (tiles, wood, vinyl) for a nice shiny finish and it works great.

Great Service!

Perth, WA
April 18, 2017

Thank you for your very efficient service, the goods arrived on Friday last week!

Date Ordered: Thursday 08 October, 2009, date received: 9/10/2009

It actually works!

April 10, 2017

We have tried numerous cleaning products on our floor tiles over the last few years to be left unhappy with the results,but after using Extreme Green Disinfectant found it to do an excellent job of cleaning with ease, leaving a slight lustre to the surface, whilst being safe around pets & leaves a fresh aroma around the area.

Truckwash is Excellent!

April 10, 2017

I have been using Extreme Green Truckwash & have found it an excellent product as it takes off all road grime etc once sprayed onto surface & rubbed over lightly with sponge or broom.

I have no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone.