Grafitti Remover is awesome!

Perth, WA
May 8, 2017

I used the graffiti remover for the first time recently and was astounded at how effective it was.I had a limestone wall that I was helping to clean for my son-in-law and he had picked some of this stuff up. Well we applied it, went and had a cup of coffee and hosed it off when we had done and I was amazed at how much lifted right off, however there were traces left because of the nature of limestone the paint had got into some crevices, so we we applied some more, worked it into the crevices with a stiff brush and left it for an hour or so, came back and this time pressure washed it to get right in and I would say 99% of the paint was gone and what was left was hardly noticeable because it had all but removed it so just a faint trace in a few places but nothing you would notice unless looking really hard for it. I think this product is awesome especially as it is pretty much non-toxic!