Linen and Its Renewability

Linen and Its RenewabilityLinen is a material or cloth which is made from spun flax fiber. Flax is a seed grain, with long pale stalks, which bloom with small periwinkle blue flowers on a cool, bluish green background of stalks. When the stalks are dry and ready to harvest, they are gathered, and this is where the separation between the usable spinning fibers and non-usable course fibers begins.

When the fiber is carded and combed, which aligns all of the fiber threads in parallel positions, they are ready to be lopped together and spun. This makes linen. Flax is the only material on earth which makes linen, and the word linen comes from words for white and pale colors, which is part of the end process of bleaching the linen. Many handmade linen fabrics are left out in the sun, stretched out on the grass, until they are bleached lighter or whiter.

Linen is highly renewable, which makes it very sustainable and eco friendly. In fact, due to the nature of flax seed and growth, linen is more eco friendly than hemp clothing, but not quite as fast growing and renewable as bamboo.

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