Laughter, Not Eco Problems

Diesel Bug KillerLaughter is one of the best sources of healing in the world. Of course, laughter can be sarcastic, and that is aggressive, but most laughter is just plain, happy fun. What can you do to bring this kind of energy into an eco friendly movement? You see, by using fear to sell your doom and gloom end of the earth philosophy, people will be far less motivated to help you than if you used laughter, fun, and safety to spread the word.

People cannot help but misinterpret your information or take an overly aggressive or overly pessimistic attitude about the environment if it is pointed out to them in a negative, condescending, or fear based way. It has to do with how our animal brains process fear and threats. The fight or flight syndrome inside of every single human being comes to the surface during these times. And someone wants to fight (not in a good way) for the cause, fight against the cause, or flee the cause altogether.

None of those options would be what you want, anyway.

Instead, use happiness and laughter and positive attitudes to spread your word. Don’t let wrong attitudes even touch you or your spirit. Make sure when people think of being eco friendly, they think of your smiling face surrounded by a permaculture environment and all of your self sustainable practices. That’s the way to really have an impact on the community around you.

If all else fails, don’t say anything at all. Just work quietly and simply to create an abundance of eco friendly themes around you. Your example will do all of the work for you.

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