Forever in the Earth

Diesel Bug KillerWhen we think of the “dust unto dust” phrase, we automatically conjure up images of funeral parlors, thick black coffins, and perhaps a loved one or two frozen in time resting on a satin bed of eternity. We really don’t want to think about the dust part at all.

Imagine becoming dirt! It’s not good. It really rankles the human spirit.

For millennia, people have died and been buried, and their corpses have been turned back into dust with perhaps a few bones remaining as a testimonial. However, these days we humans don’t want to think about how much mortality is a reality of life. We don’t want to think about how much we will fight, in the end, to hold on to our last breaths so that we can say goodbye to all of our loved ones before we pass on.

Mortality is a scary thing, and the embalming and preservation industries have made fortunes from providing us with perfectly preserved bodies and urns filled with ashes, all to commemorate someone we are sure is not really there anymore, but we hope they are for just a little bit.

However, some monks have loved the idea of being buried in their favorite garden or in their favorite place to meditate. The appeal of returning to the earth from whence they came is not lost on them. They want to furnish earth from which many flowers and beautiful grasses can grow.

Unfortunately, our fear of death has led to many industries devoted to preservation rather than decay, and decay is necessary to the rebirth of many green growing things. Some monks have even desired for their bodies to be buried directly (without a coffin) in their favorite or their own gardens, so that they can contribute even more to their beloved plants. Now that’s devotion to the earth.

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