Do People Talk to Their Plants?

Do People Talk to Their Plants?You wouldn’t think, in the grand scheme of things, that talking to your plants makes any difference at all. Well, some people wouldn’t think this. In fact, those who believe that it’s never done tend to be, in fact, those who feel self conscious about doing this practice themselves. The truth is that many people talk to their plants, especially if they are detailed gardeners, rather than just farmers or other agricultural employees who have massive amounts of plants to plant, grow, tend, and take care of. Gardeners, in their detailed work which is often labor and care intensive, tend to form special bonds with their plants. They understand how individual plants are affected by external conditions, and if they don’t put personalities in their plants like pet owners often do, they at least imbue natures and temperaments upon many of their prized green beauties. Green growing things are highly addictive to the human race, and gardeners really love to be outside among natural plant growth that always responds well under good conditions; not unlike people.

When you are looking for various chemical solutions, such as antibacterial hand wash, or dishwashing liquid or porta-loo treatment, remember that all chemicals leave some sort of trace in the soil and the vegetation where they come in contact after being used and dumped. The truth is that glue remover, glass cleaner, and hard water laundry liquid are all part of an assortment of chemicals which Envirosafe Solutions distributes. The only difference is that our chemicals do not leave behind traces which are harmful or which will affect the growth and reproduction of plants and animals. We naturally have a delight in things which flourish and grow and bring beauty and function to our natural landscape, but harsh chemicals can permanently alter these landscapes when they affect the sea and soil with which they come in contact. That is why our eco friendly industrial liquid and environmental cleaning products are so important to the earth in general and to Australia specifically. With our solutions, you can go about your normal activities, without having to compromise safety to the planet or peace of mind about your emissions. For more information, give us a ring: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.