Corrosion Treatment – Extreme Green Rust Remover

Flinders University, Adelaide SA
April 18, 2017

Thank you very much for sending me the sample of “Extreme Green Rust Remover” rust remover. I used the product directly on some severely rusted louvre windows in our sunroom. They are in sea spray contact and had been rusted shut for over 40 years. I applied the product with a paintbrush, and in a couple of minutes the rust had fallen off and I was able to open and close them again. It was nothing short of amazing.

The only downside to applying the product in situ rather than dipping an item in was that a purple residue ran off the window and this stained the paintwork below (and my hands!). However, it would be easy to prevent this happening if you are expecting it. I couldn’t recommend this product highly enough, I barely used any of the bottle and it was so effective.

Again my apologies for the delay in sending this, I’ve been recovering from surgery and it slipped my mind.

best wishes,