Problem Removers – Glue Remover

Perth, Western Australia
April 18, 2017

Hi Murray, after recently trying your natural glue remover, I feel compelled to write to you as it was used in quite in an intense situation and I couldn’t quite believe my eyes.
I pulled up original felt backed 60’s linoleum off my concrete floors recently, to find that the glue and half the felt was firmly stuck. After using a scraper and hiring a grinder, not much progress was being made and it was physically exhausting.

This was when I was introduced to your product. We literally followed the instructions on the bottle. Spread, wait a few minutes, and then it just scraped off. I was blown away. It even smelled nice! If I had only have known prior to the cramps in the arms and shoulders we all got from attempting the removal prior. I was also astounded at how little was used and the lack of residue. The timber floor guys were also impressed, Im sure they would love to know about it.

Truly a great product. I am very very impressed and would recommend it to anyone in the same “sticky situation” !! Please feel free to use this feedback as a testimonial, I am always so pleased when a natural product comes up trumps!

Kind regards,

Jodie McCarthy