Fuel Treatment – Diesel Bug Killer

Shoalwater, Australia
April 18, 2017

Kym, if you remember I brought the diesel bug killer from you a few weeks ago as I had been having issues for the last year or so in my Ford Courier diesel with a lack of power and continuous fuel filter blockages, I had drained the fuel tank on a number of times and added a number of different additives, but with no luck as the problem persisted.

After talking to you I purchased your diesel fuel bug killer and used it as your directions and since then the fuel filter issues have not recurred and the power increase has been much improved.

Thank you for supplying me with this product as I cannot recommend it more highly.

Fuel Treatment – Diesel Bug Killer

Principal, Surething Marketing, NSW, Australia
April 18, 2017

I have been distributing Extreme Green Diesel Bug Killer (Previously branded as Fuel Kleen) since 1993 throughout Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong as well as the East Coast of NSW.

There are clients who have continually purchased the product since 1993. These include Newcastle Ports Corporation, Tip Top Bakeries (a division of Fielder Goodman) and Toronto Bus Service.

Port Stephens Coaches have been clients since 1996.

Many Local Government Councils are long time customers these include:- Canterbury Council, Hurstville Council, Baulkham Hills Council, Shoalhaven Council, Kiama Council, Wyong Council, Newcastle Council, Hastings Council, Kempsey Council as well as Port Kembla Ports Corporation and many Trucking Companies, 4WD Enthusiasts and Boat Owners.

There have been many clients advising me of the savings they have made by using Extreme Green Diesel Bug Killer. Reports of using less fuel, Fuel Filters lasting much longer,easier starting, smoother running of vehicles and a significant reduction in emissions but the major point they all make is that the problem they used to have with water in the fuel has been eliminated.

Wyong Council vehicles would break down just after they filled their fuel tanks because of water contamination, since using Extreme Green Diesel Bug Killer the problem has been solved.

Canterbury Council had to have their underground fuel tanks pumped out 4 to 5 times a year to remove the water, there is now never any water in the tanks thanks to Extreme Green Diesel Bug Killer.

At Port Stephens Coaches the mechanics would be called out to breakdowns because of blocked fuel filters caused by the ‘diesel bug’, Extreme Green Diesel Bug Killer eliminated the water and as a result the ‘diesel bug’ died, the problem has never come back.

Another feature of Extreme Green Diesel Bug Killer is that it will revive old fuel and prevent fuel from going stale, a client purchased a boat that had over 2,000 litres of fuel. The boat had not been used for about 3 years therefore the fuel had been in the tank for that long, he added Extreme Green Diesel Bug Killer to the tank then topped it up with 1,000 litres of fresh fuel. The boat ran well as there were no problems in burning the old fuel.

Since 1993 I have not had one complaint about Extreme Green Diesel Bug Killer.

I am more than happy to speak to anybody regarding this product

John Bradley
Surething Marketing