Winning Again

Radiator CoolantOkay, you’ve won some cases and won some big clients and won some big contracts in the past, but after all of your hard work, is that it? Is that all you are willing to do for your company? Winning once is one thing. Winning again and again is a different matter altogether. Not everyone feels qualified to keep going and going, on top of everything else they are doing, until they are completely wiped out. Some people love pushing forward, on and on, until their career path enables them to push into things with which they are less familiar and to help them grow as a person.

Winning again is not a bad thing. Yes, it does set the standard a little higher this time around, but it is not unreasonable. Yes, it puts a bit more pressure on you to win better or in a better way next time, but we all must grow and develop in every area of our lives until we are fully formed.

Winning again in the eco world is an interesting process. Everyone who supports green growth is, theoretically, supportive of any growth your company makes. However, your PR specialists may find that, the bigger your company is, the more people put it down as being part of “company pollution.” Of course, it only means that you have contributed more to the business world than other businesses, and therefore have received the most in return. But, in their minds, this can be confused with propaganda about “big business” and “the little people.”

It’s silly, really, but you can sidestep the above scenario by employing eco friendly solutions on a regular basis and by doing this in a more subtle way than people usually do. For instance, if your employees use products from us, our environmentally friendly liquids like mould rid, hard water laundry liquid, and dust suppressor, then your workers can become well acquainted with how eco friendly your business really is, rather than just what it claims to be. Word of mouth spreads, and people will associate your company with a business which practices what it preaches. To order any of our supplies, such as our radiator coolant or fuel conditioner, call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.